It’s Raining Men! Reaching more Men this Father’s Day (and beyond)

Did you know, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that over 10% of the aesthetic procedures performed in 2020 were done on male patients? Men represent the fastest growing demographic for non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Gone are the days where it wasn’t “manly” to step foot into a Med spa.

There is a softened stigma around men receiving aesthetic procedures – hello “brotox” – and as a result the percentage of men seeking treatments for non-invasive low downtime procedures that address a wide array of concerns-unwanted hair, acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles, and body sculpting, to name a few – are on the rise!

Father’s Day represents a great time to focus on men and encourage their loved ones to ditch the tie and socks and give Dad what they really want, beautiful skin and a hairless well-defined Dad-Bod. Here’s our prediction for what will be hot this Father’s Day and what you will want to capitalize on for your practice:

Top Treatments:

Botox and Injectables:

2020 left us with an influx of Virtual Meetings that really “Zoom”ed in on our facial features – pun intended. Gift cards that can be put towards injectables can be just what Dad wanted to eliminate those deeper wrinkles and put the signs of aging at bay for a bit.

Body Treatments:

As middle-aged celebrities like Will Smith have recently alluded to over social media, the “Dad-Bod” is no longer on trend. With a shift in focus to promote self-care, diet and exercise have gained even more popularity in the wake of 2020 quarantines. Many men will be searching for ways to enhance the results that are obtain from regular diet and exercise. Therefore, we predict a big spike in body treatments like PHYSIQ this season.

PHYSIQ is the newest body treatment to hit the market and the only device to offer both deep heat to target tissue and EMS to target muscle. This dual modality approach is generating impressive results and because everything is wrapped up in one treatment, sessions are shorter and more efficient overall.

Laser Hair Removal:

Although not an entirely new concept to the male patient population, laser hair removal is still the #1 laser procedure performed in the US. And let’s face it, men aren’t the toughest when it comes to pain. That “rubber band” snap has made many a men wince…. If you have the Motus AX or AY, you can offer ALL patients pain-free laser hair removal. Most equate a treatment to a hot stone massage which we know Dad will appreciate as well as being hair-free and care-free all summer long.

Tips for Reaching your Male Clientele:

Of course, men want to know their aesthetic pain points will be addressed by your practice with masculine confidence. Don’t get us wrong, they are open to frills and crystals, occasionally, but are definitely more apt to raise their hand for treatments when you can relate to their unique struggles. Here are a few campaigns that are trending well.

  • We can help you Ditch the Dad Bod
  • Regain that Fatherly Figure
  • Body Bundles that EVERY Dad needs

In addition, take a few extra moments when marketing for your ‘Dad Population’ to consider partnering with other small, local business and cross promote. For example, you might consider something like,

  • Celebrate with a gift card for the amazing Dad in your life, and receive the best Frappes in town for 4 @LocalIceCreamStand
  • Double down his gift this year! Purchase a Gift Certificate for that Special Guy in your life (a gift he wants, but may not ask for) and receive a $100 Gift Card to his favorite @localrestaurant = EVERYONE WINS!

Oh, and don’t forget, Dog Dads count too – so for all those human ‘best friends’ out there, help them regain some confidence with your amazing, men-centric treatments you offer.

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