My Laser Hair Removal Device Expanded My Business in Ways I Never Anticipated

When one thinks of technologies that change the lives of overlooked patients, laser hair removal doesn’t necessarily top the list. But as Dr. Leslie Apgar shared with Aesthetic Record at the Aesthetic Next Virtual Conference last fall, her Motus AX opened her practice to a whole new population of patients – those with special needs.

An Aesthetic Solutions for an Overlooked Population

Did you know that according to the Special Olympics, over 6.5 million people in the United States identify as having an intellectual disability? One thing is held common for this population – often times they are overlooked in many industries. This is true especially within the fashion, cosmetic, and aesthetic space.

To be truly inclusive today, it is important to consider if your practice is in fact accessible to patients of all capabilities, skin types and tones. The patient experience of traditional lasers and intense pulsed light devices may not be ideal for those with sensory sensitivities- yet clear skin and less body hair is still a need.

When asked about the biggest benefit of using her Motus AX for laser hair removal, Dr. Apgar shared that it is the ability to treat every patient that walks through the door of her Maryland medspa. For Apgar, this meant light and dark skin types, all genders AND those with specific considerations. “The interesting thing with this pain-free laser is it opened up a whole new patient population for me – patients with autism and other special needs.” 

For the large special needs community nearby, it was critical that kids and young adults were not being subjected to painful procedures. Bright lights, uncomfortable bursts of energy, changes in temperature etc. can be problematic. 

“This device is so well tolerated that it has spread into the special needs community. The MotusAX expanded and grew my business in ways I never anticipated.”

The difference with the Motus AX (and AY) is that it delivers energy with Moveo, or in motion, technology. The hand piece gradually heats the vital parts of the hair with the highly efficacious Alexandrite wavelength. The unique energy delivery plus a chilled sapphire tip on the hand piece makes it virtually pain-free and extremely tolerable. The Motus eliminates the ever so common flashes and snaps of traditional laser hair removal. Instead, a Motus treatment has been likened to a warm stone massage.

And for these patients, eliminating unwanted hair can be life changing. Dr. Apgar shared one such story of a young woman who didn’t want her mom to shave her armpits for the rest of her life. She received a series of Motus AX laser hair removal treatments. The ability to tolerate the MotusAX ultimately gave her (and her mother) the freedom to live a bit more independently. This plus the obvious impact on one’s own self-confidence can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

The Motus AX and AY are manufactured by DEKA and available exclusively in the US and Canada from Cartessa Aesthetics.

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