Spotlight on: Cartessa Aesthetics (DEKA’s partner in North America)

DEKAMag | September 20, 2021

When Cartessa was founded in 2017, the North American aesthetics market was dominated by large energy-based device companies. These organizations operated with significant overhead expenses, were beholden to shareholders, and often victim to their own internal processes and pressures that stood in the way of true innovation. Their growth was fueled by high price tags, “me-too” products, and elite technologies from global manufacturers that they re-skinned and rebranded under their own name.

Gabe Lubin understood that the North American aesthetic market was prime for a new, transparent business model that put the customer and their success at the center of its mission and so he founded Cartessa Aesthetics.

Cartessa’s independent business model allows them to work with several global manufacturers and select technologies that offer true category advancements in terms of efficacy, patient experience and return on investment. Cartessa sought out Motus AX & AY as their premier laser hair removal device, then the Tetra CO2 and most recently, PHYSIQ body treatment.

And Cartessa does much more than distribute DEKA devices to US and Canadian practitioners. Cartessa’s leadership team brings a deep understanding of their North American aesthetic audience. Therefore, Cartessa has taken the lead in developing marketing materials and brands for DEKA technologies in North America. Cartessa ensures that the DEKA brand is always part of the message given the credibility that the DEKA logo mark brings. Cartessa also provides input during new product development making it a true global partnership.

The CoolPeel® treatment is an example of the magic that comes from leveraging the strengths of these two companies. Cartessa saw the growing demand for low to no downtime procedures. When planning the launch of the SmartXide TetraCO2, the Cartessa team worked with DEKA to understand the device’s full potential and develop the protocol that ultimately became CoolPeel – a superficial CO2 laser peel without the downtime. The CoolPeel treatment, marketed originally and trademarked by Cartessa, has reinvigorated the CO2 market in the US and now Canada and Tetra has become one of Cartessa’s top selling products.

Cartessa’s curated product portfolio includes technologies across categories and capabilities so providers can find what works best with their business goals. The business model, internal resources across marketing, clinical and service and ultimately the commitment to customers success, has made Cartessa the fastest growing laser company in the US. With their shared mission of introducing breakthrough aesthetic products and supporting their customers, the future is bright for both DEKA and Cartessa.

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