The Top 10 Reasons Your Practice is Failing at Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal remains the most in demand laser procedure in the US.

If so many people are interested in permanently eliminating the hair on the legs, backs, necks, armpits…we can go on…where is the all-to-often complaint “there is no money in laser hair removal” coming from? Why is the practice down the street seemingly pulling in new patients while your laser hair removal machine isn’t generating the return you hoped? Here are the top ten reasons you are failing to cash in on the #1 in demand aesthetic treatment.

1. “It Hurts”.

Be honest, traditional laser hair removal does not feel good. Traditionally, in order to destroy the hair follicle, a large amount of energy is delivered in a short period of time. Likened to a rubber-band-snap (or worse), patients grin and bear it, often yelling expletives until the procedure is over. And who wants to raise their hands to do this over and over on various parts of the body? Thank you, next.

2. “It’s hard to treat dark and tan skin”.

The inability to treat darker skin types and tan skin means you are turning patients away or settling on a 1064nm YAG not because it is the best wavelength, but because it’s the safest. As patient populations become increasingly diverse, this challenge is only going to grow worse.

3. “It Takes 6-8 treatments to get good, lasting results”

Patients are less likely to buy a package or return for over six sessions if the experience is unpleasant and it may or may not work for their skin and hair type.

4. “Devices are expensive to buy and maintain”. 

Laser hair removal machines are significant purchases for aesthetic practices. High price points and maintenance costs will eat into laser hair removal profits and make a positive ROI more difficult to achieve.

5. “There is no way to differentiate yourself”.

What is your laser hair technology doing that no other device can do? If nothing, then why would new patients seek out your practice or current patients remain loyal? The only lever you are left to pull to beat out your competition is price…and so we have reason #5.

6. “You are competing on price not value”. 

Without a way to set yourself apart, your practice is vulnerable to other low-price, less credentialed providers and Groupon. You can’t justify a higher price point, so your pricing and promotions become a “how low can you go” game.

7. “No one in the office likes doing hair removal”.

Your staff is on the front lines talking to your patients everyday and “selling” new treatments. If your team doesn’t like to administer the laser because of the unhappy patients, the smell it generates and/or time it takes, they are not going to sell it.

8. If you do hair removal on a platform laser, you cannibalize more lucrative treatments”. 

A platform device makes sense for many practices If doing hair removal treatments means you can’t use that technology for a more profitable procedure, chances are you need to forego laser hair removal to ensure the equipment is available.

9. “Friends don’t let friends get painful treatments”. 

Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool for an aesthetic practice. Family and friends who share their excitement about a new experience and results is the #1 driver of new patients for practices.

10. “You still think all Laser Hair Removal technology is the same”. 

It’s true, there hasn’t been any true innovation in laser hair removal in the US in over a decade – until earlier this year. The Motus AX is the newest, game-changing technology that eliminates all the challenges above and has reinvigorated laser hair removal businesses for practices across the country.

The Motus AX is manufactured by DEKA, Europe’s leading aesthetic laser manufacturer, and ia available in the US exclusively through Cartessa Aesthetics. Cartessa hand-selected the Motus AX & AY for their portfolio because it offered significant benefits for practices and patients…contact us to learn more about how it is differentiating laser hair businesses and giving patients and staff something to talk about.

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