Mid Face Lift

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Talking About the Mid-Face

Is a mystery to many people. The mid-face is not your jowls, which is in the lower face. The mid-face is essentially the area around your cheek bones. As we get older, it might appear that the mid-face is dropping because of gravity, and this is somewhat true. However the many causes of mid-face problems is a loss of volume, or a loss of body fat. As we age we tend to loss fat in all the wrong places. In the face, the biggest volume losses are in the mid-face and the mariet line of the chin.

I have been trained in doing the traditional mid-face lift. However in my opinion a much better procedure can be done and accomplished superior results with a much less invasive procedure. Since the main problem is volume loss, a cheek bone implant is far superior a result with much less risk.

I have stopped doing mid-face lifts because a superior result can be obtained that will be permanent. Please see the FACIAL IMPLANT section for a further explanation on the mid-face. There are several different types of implants that can be placed for correction of the mid-face.

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