These are the Top 5 Aesthetic Trends for 2021

With 2020 coming to a close, the predictions for 2021 aesthetic trends have started to roll in. It’s clear that demand for non-invasive aesthetics treatments will continue to surge but here are the five trends that will fuel the non-surgical aesthetic market in 2021.


Patients are becoming more focused on preventing the signs of aging rather than waiting to correct them. Therefore, we are seeing younger patient demographics opt-in for collagen stimulating treatments that don’t require downtime like RF Microneedling and Botox injections.  Emphasis for these patients is on the longer-term skin benefits versus quick fixes from surgery or aggressive non-invasive procedures.

Combination Treatments

Addressing multiple concerns in one treatment without compounding downtime is going to be a major trend in 2021. “The best results come from achievable combinations of many small things,” says leading New York City Cosmetic Dermatologist, Paul Jarrod Frank, MD to Popsugar  “Whether it’s a time commitment or financial restrictions, people are looking for something that will give them a bigger bang for their buck.”  Combination treatments are delivering on this promise that one plus one equals much more than two by targeting multiple layers or elements of the skin.  Combination treatments include the use of two distinct modalities stacked in one session (e.g. the Ultimate Duo which is the deeper stimulation of VirtueRF + superficial resurfacing with the CoolPeel) or multiple wavelengths from a single platform like the Elluminate treatment.   And it’s not just results that are maximized – providers can justify higher prices for the added value.

“Maskne” Solutions

Maskne was one of the biggest beauty buzz words this year. “Many people who never thought twice about the health of their skin or never had ‘problem skin’ are noting increased breakouts and skin irritation with daily mask-wearing,” said plastic surgeon Smita R. Ramanadham, MD, FACS to Popsugar.   Unfortunately, as long as masks are a part of our daily routine, “maskne” will be a key concern. Patients will be seeking out treatments to cleanse and nourish skin and decrease active breakouts.  Treatments like Skinwave that both exfoliate and infuse skin with calming and balancing ingredients will be in high demand.

Inclusive Treatments

In 2021, providers that don’t have aesthetic offerings for all skin types and genders will lose out.  Significant advancements have been made in laser technology that reduces the risks for melanin blessed patients. Take laser hair removal with Motus AX/AY for example. The Motus Alexandrite lasers employ exclusive in-motion technology to safely perform pain-free hair removal on darker skin-types.  Historically, the highly efficacious Alexandrite wavelength was only an option for light skin-tones. 

Furthermore, the once female dominated aesthetic market is seeing a significant increase in male patients seeking out treatments, according to  Men are more interested in Neurotoxins, laser facials, and other non-invasive low-downtime procedures than ever before.  Therefore, the focus will increasingly be on reaching and catering to a broader patient base.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Expect the interest in procedures that improve skin texture and tone without downtime to be highly sought out by patients of all ages as healthy-looking, make-up free skin takes center stage.  The industry has seen a resurgence of gold-standard procedures like CO2 because they deliver results AND new advancements have eliminated the dreaded downtime that patients needed to sacrifice for results. With devices such as the SmartXide Tetra CO2, a patient can receive a fully ablative laser facial with virtually zero downtime.  Branded the CoolPeel, this CO2 treatment evens tone, erases sun damage and age spots and leaves skin glowing.  Practitioners like renowned laser specialist and dermatologist, Emil Tanghetti, MD are loving that with the Tetra CO2, “I can do things I couldn’t do before in a less aggressive procedure.”

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