Tis’ The Season – Google Knows What’s on Your Patient’s Lists This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us! With Halloween and Veterans Day behind us, many are starting to welcome the onset of the holidays. In preparation for visits and zooms with family and friends, a lot of patients are starting to get a jump on their pre-holiday treatments. So…what’s on the top of your patient’s lists this year? Just ask Google.

Google trends is a fun and FREE tool to understand what people are searching. We often use it to understand trends and what patients are increasingly interested in. This year, the procedure that tops the Google Trends List – laser hair removal.

It is no secret that Laser Hair Removal is one of the tried and true treatments of anesthetic practice. It also remains one of the top searched treatments across the internet. In 2020, patients Google searched Laser Hair Removal more than any other non-invasive procedure (excluding Botox and Filler). This means that individuals are researching options and locations that offer this service – so if you are not talking about laser hair removal, optimizing your search creds and offering the best of the best technology, you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

Your next question should be – ok, well do I offer the best laser hair removal machine available today? Search trends indicate that research into pain-free options are on the rise. Patients are no longer willing to endure the oh so familiar “rubber band snap” of traditional hair removal and are looking for fast and comfortable treatments that work. They want the newest, proven options and for many darker-skinned individuals, something that is safe across skin types. (Check out our blog about the Top ten reasons your practice is failing at laser hair removal.)

The answer is Motus AX/AY. Deka-build but exclusive to the United States and Canada from Cartessa Aesthetics, the Motus is the first pain-free alexandrite laser hair removal device to offer Moveo technology. Moveo, or in-motion, technology allows for increased effectiveness, speed, and comfort for the patient. “The biggest innovations are in versatility, speed, and pain—meaning lack of pain,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, New York City Dermatologist.

Beauty platforms, such as Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and Elle Magazine have all raved about the amazing patient reviews coming from the Motus AX. Cosmopolitan editor, Lauren Balasamo, went to see for herself, and quoted her Motus experience as “freaking great”. She states “The whole thing took 15 minutes, and guys, I’m not even kidding, it didn’t hurt at all.” If patient experience wasn’t enough, the Motus AX has also been proven to generate revenue, even in practices with pre-existing laser hair removal treatments in place. Dr. Leslie Apgar, OBGYN and owner of PuraVida MedSpa, states” “Prior to the Motus AX we really weren’t performing many laser hair removal treatments. Our laser hair removal sales tripled since purchasing the Motus… the patients really love it! It sells itself.”

This holiday season, make sure you are spreading the laser hair removal joy and giving people what they are already looking for.

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