Why treating more patient types is just good business – and easier than ever

Laser-based skincare, despite being some of the most sought after aesthetic treatments, has historically had its limitations. Many laser technologies, because they work by targeting areas of contrast in skin color, were not considered safe for darker skin types.  Yes, clinicians could treatment light skin tones effectively but those with more pigment in their skin were at a much higher risk of side effects like hyperpigmentation or added discomfort for the same (or in some cases less effective) aesthetic results.

Improvements have been made in many areas.  However, many newer aesthetic laser options that boast safety across skin types often do so at the expense of efficacy.  Doctors and laser experts have been left managing the trade-off between safety, comfort, and efficacy.

Until now.

Cartessa Aesthetics, a leading distributor of some of the world’s best and most effective laser devices, looks for those technologies that can offer the best possible results for the greatest number of patients. Cartessa understands that inclusivity in your aesthetic offerings means not having to turn away patients, and in turn, improving your client’s satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, your return on investment.

Amongst these sought after, notably versatile technologies are our laser hair removal all-star, Motus AX, our Tetra and CoolPeel technologies, and the Quanta Discovery Pico Series.

Being able to offer our customers aesthetic devices that help them broaden their patient base is something we are passionate about. People of all skin types and tones should have access to great skincare, and we’re happy to make that a reality for so many doctors and aesthetic practice owners around the U.S.” – Gabe Lubin

The line-up:

Motus AX

This laser hair removal device is known largely for being the first high-speed Alexandrite laser and to offer a truly painless laser hair removal experience. But that’s not all your practice can capitalize on with the magic that is Motus. The Motus AX is one of the first inclusive laser hair removal devices, meaning it is safe across skin types and skin tones. Not only is this a win for your patients, but it is also a win for your practice as well. The Motus AX gives you the ability to offer safe and effective hair removal treatments to more patients.

New York-based dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank told beauty bible Elle magazine; “In the last several years, we’ve had lasers that are safe for dark skin, but the limit has been efficacy.” He applauds the Motus AX for being the “most effective laser hair removal device” for a wide range of skin tones. Men’s Health picked up on this trend earlier this year, highlighting the benefits and considerations specific for your male population, and getting insights from Dr. Arash Akhavan.

What the secret? The Motus’ delivery system, the Moveo technology, is what makes it so unique.  In the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Cosmo’s beauty editor explains and experiences the difference of how energy is used in traditional versus Motus AX to attract, heat, and destroy hair follicles:

“Most traditional lasers deliver all the energy at once, making it pretty wince-inducing experience, but Motus AX breaks down the energy into smaller “packets’“ that repeatedly zap hair follicles in rapid increments – which your skin can barely feel.”

And barely feel it she did…just read the title of her article “I got laser hair removal and honestly, it’s freaking great”. We couldn’t agree more!

SmartXide Tetra CO2 and CoolPeel

This is fractional resurfacing, elevated. The SmartXide Tetra CO2 is the most advanced CO2 laser on the market. Its unmatched control allows providers to dial in the exact power, density, and pulse duration to truly customize treatment to the patient’s desired outcome and tolerance for downtime.  And this is why only the Tetra can perform a CoolPeel – a superficial laser peel without the downtime typically associated with CO2 treatments.

CoolPeel reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and pores as well as improves skin texture. It meets the demands of today’s busiest patients because they don’t need to put up with a week or more of downtime. This has been especially appealing to a younger clientele who wouldn’t otherwise consider themselves a candidate for a CO2 treatment.  Hence, more patients can benefit from the Tetra’s capabilities.

Quanta Discovery Pico Series

Quanta System has a reputation for building state-of-the-art laser systems for use in over 130 countries across the globe. From space exploration to restoring the Sistine Chapel, Quanta delivers devices that are unlike anything else – which is precisely why we love it.

Their Discovery Pico Series, a front-runner in our roster of best-in-class laser technology, boasts versatility and efficacy like no other due to its four separate emission modes and three laser wavelengths. This means the ability to treat any and all skin types, tones, and textures for:

  • Removal of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elimination of acne scars and vascular lesions
  • Tattoo removal – no matter the color of the ink


NEW Skinwave brings complete versatility.  This aqua-based device allows you to dial-up anyone of the specifically formulated solutions rich in AHA, BHA, Hyaluronic Acid, and Hydrogen therapy.  It’s the perfect level of customization depending on the patient’s skincare needs like exfoliation, hydration, and oil control.

Our goal at Cartessa is to bring you technologies with which the MOST patients can benefit from the BEST outcomes. Interested in learning more about these devices and how they might fit into your aesthetic practice, Elle magazine. A Cartessa agent would be happy to answer your questions and schedule an in-office demonstration.

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